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Dreaming of Elora Fergus

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As the spring air turns warmer and leaves turn greener, we would normally be preparing for our upcoming summer season in Elora and Fergus. Nestled along the cliffs of the Elora Gorge and the Grand River, Elora and Fergus have become a destination for summer getaways, weddings, as well as many of our popular events and festivals. And though right now isn’t the time to visit us, we hope you’re still dreaming.

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“Elora is a little town in Ontario bursting with creativity, art and good food. Plus an awesome brewery. A day well spent for me is always when I’m there. When all of this is over and return to normal life I cannot wait to go back.”

Dreaming 4th

In fact, we’d like your help in keeping that dream alive. As you clean your home and reminisce with friends over a video chat, you may have stumbled across fond memories of your travels from years gone by. We’d love to see your photos and hear your stories from your trips to Elora and Fergus so we all can keep #DreamingofEloraFergus

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“My favourite time of day is early morning before sunrise and its cool to watch the sun come up on the Grand River in Fergus”

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If you’ve visited us before, you know the hometown pride Fergus has for its Scottish roots, or Elora’s iconic title of “Ontario’s most beautiful village”. You’ve explored hiking along the Gorge or tubing down the Grand River. Our historic downtowns bustle with artists and musicians while you shop for the perfect souvenir, or dine in one of our exquisite restaurants. Many of you have travelled from far and wide to take part in the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games or rocked out to world-class musicians at Riverfest Elora. A stroll behind-the-scenes capturing an artist at work on the Elora Fergus Studio Tour or the power of voice at the Elora Festival. Whatever it is that drew you to us in the past, we’d love to know – and don’t forget to shout out to those local businesses you love!

Share your photos and your stories with us on Facebook and Instagram at @EloraFergus with the hashtag #DreamingofEloraFergus

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“E is for Elora! It is a small town in Southwestern Ontario where I spent many weekends exploring with my family while I was growing up. Our favourite place to go was Elora Gorge and it still has a special place in my heart. As soon as I am able to visit there again, I will”

Dreaming 8th

If you haven’t visited us yet – well, we can’t wait to meet you! – we’d love to hear what it is about Elora and Fergus that you are most excited to visit! Send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram and you may get featured in our round up!

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“Templin Gardens in Fergus is a wonderful spot to visit….a favourite hideaway.”

Dreaming 10th

Staying safe and staying healthy is the most important thing we all can do right now to ensure, that in time, everyone can once again gather together in Elora and Fergus.

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“One of my favourite spots, Elora is always one of the places you are able to spend the whole day.”

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