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Gatherings on the Grand

“Rappelling down into the Elora Gorge for your dinner is the most creative concept I have seen in many years. This is a true taste of the place!”
– Anita Stewart C.M. Food Laureate, University of Guelph

Grand 2nd

Enjoy a cultural, culinary and adventurous tour of Elora! Start with a tour of Chalmer’s Church by costumed historians. Only steps away, is the magnificent gorge where you will rappel down 60ft into the gorge. After your adrenaline-inducing adventure, enjoy fine dining on the riverbed surrounded by tranquil lights, music, and sounds of the river.

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Grand 3rd

Local musicians playing in their own backyard! Songs and stories from home…”

Grand 4th

Come and listen to musical performances where the artists share their personal stories of Centre Wellington and their lives. Gather outside at the Fergus Templin Gardens, a natural heritage setting on the banks of the Grand River where all ages come together in the twilight.

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Grand 5th

“What an inspiring place for actors to perform Shakespeare on the banks of the Grand River with trees and water as your theatre backdrop.”
– Deb Stanson, Director Elora Community Theatre

Grand 6th

A unique theatrical performance in Bissell Park on the banks of the river Grand. Experience Shakespeare performed live from the comfort of your blanket on the grass, under the summer sky.

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Grand 7th

“On the north bank of the Grand in downtown Fergus sits the gloriously restored, aptly named Fergus Grand Theatre, making memories and entertaining audiences since 1928.”
– Eric Goudie, Fergus Grand Theatre Coordinator

Grand 8th

The historic Grand Theatre has never lost sight of its purpose of providing quality community theatre. After an extensive renovation and revitalization, the Fergus Grand Theatre is a vibrant gathering place for both visitors and locals.

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