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“There are so many layers of art-making in this community: solo or supported, private or public, introspective or odes to the land.”
– Meredith Blackmore, Studiohere, Fergus

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Artists of every medium and flavour continue to live, work and exhibit in Elora and Fergus. Packed with independent galleries, group exhibitions, juried competitions, outdoor shows and behind the scenes tours, artists and art lovers are all at home here.

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“You do not have to travel far to find subject matter when the Gorge is only five minutes away. It is truly a beautiful place. It captivates you at every turn. We call it the ‘Gorgeous Gorge’.”
– Barry McCarthy, painter

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From studio tours, to gazing over the shoulder of a true artist engaged in colourful expression of their surroundings, Elora & Fergus offer art lovers an experience that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

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“The shifting light within the Elora Gorge and the ever changing mood of the river is a wonderful inspiration.”
– Jerry Davidson, glass artist.

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Creating art is a natural human instinct that most of us take for granted. There’s no better setting than Elora and Fergus to unlock your creative mind. Let your inner artist loose with one of our many fine art experiences such as the virtual Make Your Own ornament experience at Kitras Art Glass

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“My daily walks in and around Elora, along the rivers or through the forests fill me with awe and inspire my art making. I am surrounded by beauty.”
– Heather Wood, Elora Artist

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Ever wonder what an artist’s studio really looks like? Here’s your chance to get a look behind the scenes of the talented artists that call Elora and Fergus home. Meet our artists where they live and work: nestled in our historic and natural setting.

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“When you experience the beauty and the power of the Grand River, from the stillness of a mill pond to the drama of a chiselled gorge it’s easy to feel inspired.”
– David Cross, Blacksmith, Sculptor

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The sculptures that grace the streets of Elora are further proof that you are truly in a village that artists call home.

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