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The main attraction for many visitors is the Elora Quarry, the kind of place locals wish they could keep secret. When the light or Instagram filter hits the emerald green water just right, it looks like a tropical oasis that’s a few flights away.

– Jonathan Forani, Travel Writer/Toronto Star

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This former limestone quarry, with its emerald green water brings to mind the old swimming hole of days past. The tree-topped cliffs that surround this natural jewel will witness that you are indeed in the perfect summer place and time.

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“We visit every summer and enjoy the scenery and the river, how can you not appreciate the fact that this area was caused by erosion over thousands of years.”

– Trip Advisor

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It’s hard to believe that 19th century Scottish Masons took the limestone from the Elora Quarry and crafted it into the historical buildings that you can still see today in Fergus and Elora. A walk through the towns reveals historical storyboards with information on these centuries.

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“Stopped short from being fully enclosed by a ring of limestone cliffs by a sandy beach and a smattering of trees perfect for sunbathers, the Elora Quarry is a stunning must-stop and ideal picnic spot to soak in the views over a long lunch”

– Long Weekends Magazine

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Encircled by sheer cliffs up to 12 metres high, a beach area with easy access to the water and a sandy area perfect for sunbathers, this swimming hole is ideal for a hot summer day. Bring a cooler, towel and swim suit for a picnic and a day of swimming at the quarry!

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