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A River Runs Through It

“The area is so quintessential Ontario and is one of the most spectacular natural backdrops.”

– Deb Dalziel, Tourism Co-ordinator Elora & Fergus

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The Grand River twists and winds its way between Fergus and Elora, connecting the two points with its power and natural beauty.

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“Breathe in and marvel at the beauty of this gorge. It will bring you peace! The flowing river surrounded by the awesome rock formations is a beauty to behold. The lazy river inner tubing is certainly a fantastic way to see a great length of this incredible natural setting.”

– Trip Advisor

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Gliding silently along in a canoe at dusk or holding on as your tube surges through the white water, the Grand River offers you the choice of adventures.

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“A beautiful place to be at anytime of the year. I loved my visits so much, I bought a house and made it my home. A scenic wonder… the deep limestone gorge leads to cascading waterfalls… a fun way to spend an afternoon.”

– Lonely Planet —

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Be reminded of both the power and beauty of water as you watch the Grand River crash up against its limestone banks, pour over the falls or quietly pool in the shade of trees overhanging its edges. Clearly a chance to reflect….

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“The ever-changing face of the river is fascinating, the view it provides exhilarating and your visit to it, a recipe to experience, again and again.”

– Recipes to Experience Visitor Guide

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Gaze at the banks of the Grand River as you pass by and listen as your guide reveals the historic stories of Elora during a punt ride down the river.

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“The Grand River and its tributaries offer world-class recreational fishing. Whether you’re fly-fishing for trout, trolling for walleye or dropping in a line in search of catfish, you can find what you want in the rivers, streams and reservoirs of the Grand”


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The stretch of the Grand River between Fergus and Elora, has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best brown trout fisheries in North America. Large enough to challenge the best anglers, many options are also available for kids and first-timers.

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