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Riverfest Elora

Winner of the Best Medium Sized Festival in Canada at the Live Music Industry Awards, 2019
“Ontario’s “big-little” festival has become one of Canada’s premier boutique festivals over the last 10 years, offering top tier headliners, up-and-coming indie bands, artisans, food trucks and craft brews, all within a majestically natural setting along the banks of the famed Grand River in Elora — Ontario’s most beautiful village.”

– 102.1 The Edge

Riverfest 2nd

Nothing draws people of all ages and walks of life together like music. Riverfest Elora is surely the “whiz kid” that brings out the sense of community as newly found friends celebrate together by the banks of the Grand River.

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Riverfest 3rd

“The idea for us is that if you were to put all the music from the festival into a giant playlist and hit shuffle, you would never need to skip a song.”

– Festival Manager Spencer Shewen

Riverfest 4th

Whether it’s feeling the warmth of the afternoon sun on your shoulders, or the brilliance of the twinkling stars in the night sky, live music just seems more magical when it’s experienced in the great outdoors!

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Riverfest 5th

The festival was founded by Elora artist Marilyn Koop in 2009. Koop passed away in 2012 and the festival continues in her memory. Look for the giant green “M” canvas on the grounds throughout the festival.


Riverfest 6th

Come for one day – or stay for the whole weekend. Whatever you choose, there will be music, food, art and dancing galore!

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Riverfest 7th

“And the festival is not just about the music. There is an Artisan Alley with a “diverse range of local, fascinating art vendors,” the festival website says. There are also some interesting arts and culture events associated with the festival.”

– Guelph Mercury

Riverfest 8th

Riverfest provides unique music, unique arts and crafts, as well as craft beer! All blend together at this outdoor festival.

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Riverfest 9th

“Every year, the small town of Elora sees thousands of visitors from all parts of the province make the trek to Bissell Park for Riverfest. With three stages, a variety of food vendors and headlining acts…… Riverfest Elora does not disappoint.”

– The Ontarion

Riverfest 10th

Riverfest, held along the banks of the Grand River, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a backyard festival. The festival recently was awarded the Green Operations Festival of the Year at the Live Music Industry Awards.

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