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Steeped In Stone

Templin Gardens: “Awarded First Place in the category of “Favourite Civic Space, Garden or Monument

– Doors Open Ontario

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Carved into the limestone banks of the Gorge, Templin Gardens and its steps leading down to the Grand River is just minutes away from the vibrant downtown of Fergus, yet the perfect spot for a quiet connection with the natural history surrounding you.

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Kissing Stane

“If you steal a kiss while seated on the Kissing Stane, among the mature maples in the little park just below the church, the legend is that luck will forever be with you.”

– Pat Mestern, Historian

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Visit the one place in Victorian time Fergus where public displays of affection were tolerated. Legend has it that to be kissed while seated on this stane would inevitably bring good luck. Next to the stane is now a locally forged iron sculpture where you can lock in your love with your own padlock.

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Wellington County Museum & Archives

“This National Historic Site is the oldest surviving example of a Poor House in Canada where you can discover the compelling story of the people that lived, worked and died here.”

– Epoch Times

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Our spirit of place is strong, and the telling of it can be found in the Wellington County Museum and Archives. Standing like the hilltop sentinel between Elora and Fergus, the museum is the jewel in our heritage crown and a welcome rest stop on the Elora Cataract Trailway.

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“…. the 19th century village of Elora was built by Scottish stonemasons at a time when water power was harnessed to run mills and small industries. Many of the historic limestone structures of that era survive in the heart of Elora, put to new use housing shops, galleries and restaurants. That variety makes this community an ideal destination for family outings.”

– Leslie Papp/Toronto Star

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Both Fergus and Elora have downtowns steeped in history that is reflected in the limestone buildings that house businesses that are as unique as the towns themselves.

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Irvine River Gorge Staircase

“The new stairway allowed ladies access to the delights from which they had heretofore been debarred.”

– The Lightning Express Paper, circa 1878

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Located in Elora’s Victoria Park, this was the first pedestrian staircase to the Bottomlands and Irvine River to facilitate Elora’s 19th century tourism and provide access for Gorge-based activities.

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